We were very pleased to wake up to a much drier day. The overnight rain had stopped so the opportunity was taken to give the cars a bit of a clean up.

And then it was time to head out on to the track. First a slow lap behind a pace car before forming our own grid with plenty of photo opportunities for all.

Before we headed back back to the paddock we got another ride around the circuit, a fair bit faster this time though.

Once back in our paddock – the hotel car park! – it was time to deal with a few more checks and repairs. Rod gave Ernie a hand with his continuing clutch pedal problems while Steve went in search of a strange sound coming from his front suspension.

It was then time to visit to the Car and Technology Museum at Sinshiem but not before we’d stopped at the memorial for Jim Clark

Report by John and Anne Dickinson

Along with many others on the trip, we decided to visit the Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum in the afternoon. This is located approx 20 miles from Hockenheim and what a fantastic museum this is! You could not possibly miss the place as there is an array of aircraft, including a French Concorde, and a Russian Tupolev Tu 144 aircraft on the roof ( how on earth did they do that ) but of course there is a video showing you just exactly how they did it. The Concorde and Tupolev are positioned side by side in take-off position and are fully accessible for visitors (if you have a good head for heights). The walk on the roof provides direct access to the aircraft and many other legends of aviation history.

Inside the museum are over 300 vintage cars of all eras, motorcycles, racing & sports cars including Formula 1, some amazing American cars which carried stars like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, military vehicles and exhibitions, locomotives and steam engines. There was even an original U Boat engine that was built in 1917 and had been transported to the museum from Italy over the Brennar Pass !!!

One afternoon was no-where near long enough to see all that was on show in this fantastic museum but sadly that was all the time we had, and we finished our visit by taking in one of the 3D movies being shown in the IMAX cinema, we collected our 3D glasses (very stylish) and watched the Grand Canyon Adventure. Anne got quite excited when it said that it was narrated by Robert Redford, but of course it was all in German, ah well beggars can’t be choosers.

You can see more of the Car & Technology Museum at Sinsheim on their website HERE

Just after sunset back at the race track

Day 15

All photos © Cortina MkII Owners Club LTD