12100A Distributor Assembly Ford type (Exchange) £80.00
12100 Lucas Distributor Assembly Lucas style replacement. Top Entry Cap £50.00
12100 Lucas E Distributor Assembly for Electronic Ignition Lucas style replacement. Top Entry Cap £65.00
12284 Plug Lead Set Pre Crossflow Silicone type £20.00
12284H Plug Lead set Crossflow Silicone type £17.50
12284HD Plug Lead Set Crossflow 8mm Heavy Duty £22.50
2733E-12297A Plug Lead Separator All models except Lotus £5.00
12116F Distributor Cap Ford Type 1600 £7.00
12116F Distributor Cap Ford Type 1300/1500 £8.00
12116LC Distributor Cap Lotus Side Entry £14.00
12200F Rotor Arm Cross Flow Ford Type £3.95
12200LC Rotor Arm Lotus Standard Type £4.10
12199FA Contact Set/Points Ford Type £3.50
12199LC Contact Set/Points Lotus £4.25
12300F Condenser Ford Type £3.50
12300LC Condenser Lotus £4.00
Lotus Set Set of Points, Condenser & Rotor Arm Lotus Lucas type distributor £8.00
12405MC Spark Plug Set of 4 Motorcraft AG22 £8.00
12405MC/152 Spark Plug Set of 4 Motorcraft AG152 = AG22/AG22C/ Champion N9YC £8.00
12029A 12 / 9 Volt Coil Ballasted Type £20.00
DLB 105 12 Volt Coil Non-Ballast Type for Electronic Ignition Distributor £20.00
12226 End Advance /Retard Vacuum Angled End Only – Rubber £0.75
12226A Advance/Retard Vacuum Tube Straight Ends £2.50
12226B Advance/Retard Vacuum Tube Angled Ends £2.50
12226C Advance / Retard Vacuum Pipe Vacuum Tube One of Each End NLA
HT Cap HT Supressor Caps Lotus Only £8.00

POA – Price on Application NLA – No Longer Available

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