8005A Radiator Assembly Large Header Tank Exchange NLA
8005D Radiator Assembly Small Header Tank Exchange NLA
8005E Radiator Assembly Lotus Exchange NLA
8100B Radiator Cap Pre-Crossflow 10lb 4.00
8100A Radiator Cap All Models 13lb 4.00
8075B Radiator Hose Overflow Pipe Green 2.50
8B016 Radiator Neck Fitting Plastic Fitting for Overflow Pipe NLA
120212 Radiator Overflow Clip Holds Overflow Pipe in Place 0.50
8B192 Radiator Drain Tap Including Sealing Washer 2.50
8250 Thermostat Housing Pattern type—Crossflow 15.00
QTH100 Thermostat 82 Degrees–Standard or Summer use 4.50
QTH102 Thermostat 88 degrees–Standard / Winter 4.50
QTH101 Thermostat 74 degrees–Alternative Summer 4.50
8255 Thermostat Gasket For Housing 1.00
8260A Top Hose Pre Crossflow 11.00
8260A/Kevlar Top Hose Pre-Crossflow—-Kevlar 14.00
8260B/S Top Hose Crossflow Late Small Top Tank 11.00
8260B/L Top Hose Crossflow Large Top Tank—Repro 12.50
8260E Top Hose Lotus Remanufactured 16.00
8286B Bottom Hose Crossflow and Pre-Crossflow 11.00
8286A Bottom Hose Lotus (remanufactured) 16.50
18472A Heater Hose Pre-Crossflow To Water Pump 12.00
18472B Heater Hose Pre-Crossflow Short S shape to Valve 8.00
18472D Heater Hose Top Crossflow Remanufactured 18.00
18472E Heater Hose Bottom Crossflow Remanufactured 14.00
E835T1 Heater Matrix Pipes to Bulkhead Seal Remanufactured Part 2.25
8501 711M Water Pump 711M Block with late type pulley. 30.00
8501A Water Pump All Models with original pulley, except Lotus 34.00
18518-B Water Pump Outlet Screws into Pump Outlet Straight 6.00
18599-D Water Pump / Inlet Manifold Outlet 90deg Angled 8.00
8507 Water Pump Gasket 1300/1500/1600 1.00
8620 Fan Belt Dynamo (Not Lotus) 4.00
8620L Fan Belt Dynamo–Lotus 4.00
8620C Fan Belt Alternator 4.00

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