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Lotus Festival 2013 at Brands Hatch

The Lotus Cortina Register celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Lotus Cortina by holding their National Rally at the Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch over the August bank holiday weekend.  Part of the celebrations included the worlds first ever Lotus Cortina only race.   Including the race cars around  100 Lotus Cortinas attended over the weekend and a few of us went along to support, including Swiss member Jost Wildbolz, who brought along his ex Hill/Ickx Team Lotus race car CTC 14E.  Jost tells us about his weekend in the December 2013 issue of The Indicator.

It all started off a bit wet, before it got really wet.....











Sunday was a much better day weather wise:






In between the racing, Sunday saw a Lotus Cortina only parade lap.




One of the many treats of the weekend was seeing Sir John Whitmore drive Jack Sears around the track in Jim Clarks road going Lotus Cortina.











In addition to race car CTC 14E, also present was its sister race car, ex Team Lotus and ex Alan Mann Racing CTC 24E, as well as two of the ex press CTC cars, CTC 16E and CTC 18E, what a sight to have them all together!




Well done and thank you Andy Morrell, Simon Godfrey, and the rest of the LCR committee for putting on such a fantastic weekend. 


All photos © Graham Orchard

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