80560 Plastic Socket to hold Stud listed below For Carpet on S1 cars & Parcel Shelf on all £0.40
80560 / 1 Plastic Stud to replace original metal stud For Carpet on S1 cars & Parcel Shelf on all £0.60
112586 Trim Stud & Nut – Wheel Arch & Rear To Hold Trim Strips on Super & E Models £0.50
112583 “C” Pillar Trim Stud & Nut To Hold “Hockey Stick” Trim to “C” Pillar set of 4 £4.00
73018K40 “C” Pillar Vent Seals Pair – Saloon only £11.95
113984 Heater Cable Clip Cable to Heater Box £1.00
97498-S “Omega” Clip For Door Retaining Strap Pin £0.25
E334PB1-L Bonnet Stay Clip On Bonnet – 1970 onwards £3.00
E334PB1-A Bonnet Stay Clip On Bonnet – All models except 1970 £3.00
E202-FD-7 Bonnet Stay Grommet The Proper One £2.00
16916 Bonnet Release Cable S 2 – Remanufactured Part £27.50
B-14605 Bonnet Release Cable Grommet S 2 NLA
120327-ES Bonnet Release Cable Metal Clip S 2 £1.00
112827 Badge Retaining Grommets Pack of 5 £1.00
17A475 Wiper Spindle Gaskets Pair in black rubber £3.50
120285 Trim Clips Super / E Sill & Rear Panel Plastic Clips – Pk of 10 £2.75
7345456-M Boot Mat Hardura – To the nearest pattern £37.50
7345456-C Boot Carpet Fine Black Pile Carpet with plastic backing £27.50
E-729-AR-1 Grommet – Rear Spring Shackle Access Pair of Grommets for Tool & Spare Wheel Wells £12.95
111733 Grommet/Plug – Floor Pan & “C” Pillar The larger of the front floor grommets – Size A £1.75
111732 Grommet/Plug- Floor Pan Medium Grommet for recessed parts – Size B £1.75
E24-OA-1 Bumper To Over-rider Trim Strips Pack 4 £2.00
11758 Bumper Bolt, Nut & Washer 6 Required without Over-riders – 2 with £2.50
E370-AM-7 Windscreen Washer Hose Grommet Black only £6.00
106E-14604 Speedo Cable Grommet Through Bulkhead £6.00
NOCC 2 Door Door Rubber Set for 2 Door Models With the locating studs £120.00
NOCC 4 Door Door Rubber Set for 4 Door Saloons With the locating studs £195.00
NOCC Wagon Door Rubber Set for 4 Door Estate Wagon With the locating studs £195.00
7929904/5 Estate Wagon Rear Side Window Rubber Pair of Reproduction Rubber Seals £250.00
79402K05 Estate Rear Tailgate Window Rubber Reproduction £150.00
M4D-1002-A Front & Rear Screen Rubber Filler Plastic “Chrome” Filler – 7 Metres for both screens £12.00
7303152-A Screen Trim Joiner Straight Metal Joiner £6.00
16K625-A Bulkhead Weather Strip S 1 – As near to original as we can get £7.00
E837-T-1 Heater Box to Bulkhead Foam Seal Seals Heater around Plenum Chamber £6.00
152/4 Door Top Inner Weather Strip 4 Door Set £14.00
152/2 Door Top Inner Weather Strip 2 Door Set £10.00
950 Weather Strip Clips To hold door top weather strips £0.75
255 Door Top Outer Weather Seal 2 or 4 door set – require trimming to size £16.00
73224K02/3/A Door Handle and Boot Lock Gasket Set 2 Door Set £5.00
73224K02/3/B Door Handle and Boot Lock Gasket Set 4 Door Set £9.00
NOCCB Boot Lock Gasket All Models £1.00
16758-A Wing Rail Bonnet Bumper Front – Each £5.00
16K037-A Wing Rail Bonnet Bumper Rear – Each £5.00
7343634-A Boot Lid Bumper Pair £5.00
E340-PB-2 Bonnet Landing / Slam Panel Bump Stops Pair of Late type with smooth top – 1970 £9.00
E340-PB-2-A Bonnet Landing / Slam Panel Bump Stops Pair of Early type with grooves around the top £9.00
7006122 Glove Box Clip. For “Snap Shut” lid. Black Nylon – Repro – Deluxe & Super £3.50
73044K90/91 Centre Console Clip & Peg Holds Lid shut on S 1 Cars £5.00
3014E-17K679 Interior Mirror Bumper Black with adjusting screw £8.00
M3.2/10mm Stainless steel Washers (x20) Used with rivet to attach bonnet strip & grille top £0.60
536 Spire nut / clip (x10) H/Lamp bezels &/or grille securing screws £2.50
7323033 Large Cone Door Bump Stops Rubber £4.50
7323030 Small Cone Door Bump Stops Rubber £3.50
2846 Expansion nut Fits in square hole in slam panel to hold screw £0.40
2846UD Expansion nut Under dash 1/2″ £0.40
78020 Door Card retaining clip Plastic in Grey £0.45
111278-ES Seat Belt Retaining Hook Fits on “B” Pillar £4.80

POA – Price on Application NLA – No Longer Available

Every effort is made to keep the catalogue current, but please note stock availability and prices are subject to constant change.

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